Non-working Residence Visa

The Non-working Residence Visa allows you to live in Spain, provided that you do not undertake any paid work while in the country.

Find out all you need to know about the Spanish Non-working Residence Visa (Non-Lucrative Visa)

The Spanish Non-working Residence visa, formerly known as the Non-lucrative Visa, allows you to live in Spain, as long as you do not carry out any paid work.

This visa is particularly popular with retired people, and many expats who wish to live in Spain choose this visa option.

You will be required to provide proof of funds to show that you can afford not to work.

Within one month of arrival, you must apply for your Foreigner Identity Card.

What are the benefits of a Spanish Non-working Residence Visa?

Here are some of the perks of obtaining a Spanish Non-Working Residence Visa:

  • No investment is necessary – unlike the Golden Visa
  • Dependants are permitted
  • As long as you stay in Spain for 6 months per year, you can re-apply for the permit for up to 5 years
  • Permanent residence is possible after 5 years in Spain

What are the financial requirements to be eligible for a Spanish Non-working Residence Visa?

You are not allowed to work or earn while living in Spain under the Non-Working Residence, meaning proof of P45/ P60 or cessation of trading if you are self-employed must be submitted alongside your application.

You must provide proof of sufficient funds for yourself and each dependant.

The money you must have in reserve currently stands at:

  • Main applicant: €2,400 per month / €28,800 per year
  • Each dependant: €600 per month / €7,200.00 per year

How are sufficient funds determined?

The financial requirements of Spanish visas are calculated using Spain’s Indicador Público de Renta de Efectos Múltiples – commonly referred to as IPREM. The IPREM is a variable amount set by the Spanish government each year.

In order to be eligible for a Non-working Residence Visa, applicants must provide proof of sufficient funds. The minimum required amount is equivalent to 400% of IPREM – with an additional 100% of IPREM for each dependant family member linked to the application.

IPREM in 2023 is set at €7,200.00 per year.

Therefore, 400% of IPREM, and the required funds for a Non-working Residence Visa is €28,800.00 – with an additional €7,200.00 for each dependant family member.

What will I need to provide when applying for a Spanish Non-working Residence Visa?

The list of documents you require for this visa will differ with personal circumstances. To find out what documents you need please contact us.

Does the Non-working Residence Visa allow dependants?

Yes, you can bring your immediate family members with you, as long as you can prove your relation to them and that you have sufficient funds to support them. For 2023, this means an extra €600 per month or €7,200 per year, per dependant.

It may be necessary to provide documentary evidence of kinship between main applicants and dependants. Examples of evidence include Marriage Certificates and Birth Certificates.

Translation requirements

Core documents such as birth, marriage, ACRO and medical certificates must be translated.

We have an in-house, authorised and approved translation service available for you.

The translation is included in our visa application package.

Legalisation requirements

In order to legalise documents, the signatories of the certificates must be authenticated. We can provide the legalisation services you need.

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