Supporting documents may need to be notarised, legalised, or translated – allowing them to be accepted by Spanish authorities.

How might documents need to be prepared?

In order for documents to accepted by Spanish authorities, they may need to be notarised, legalised, and/or translated by a Sworn Translator. It is important that each document that is submitted in support of your application is processed correctly. Find out about each of these different processes, below.


Notarisation requires the signature and the stamp/seal of an authorised official, such as a Notary Public. This is often a requirement for documents have not been issued by a governmental department or institution. By signing a document, a Notary Public attests to its authenticity.

Our notary, Nathan Woodcock, has considerable experience as a Notary Public of England and Wales. He has completed more than 5,000 notarial matters, with a 99% customer satisfaction rating. Have a look at our 5-star reviews.

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In the UK, legalisation is a process whereby the signature and stamp/seal on an official document is checked by the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO). Once checked, it is then issued with an apostille certificate. Apostille certificates give some assurances to Spanish authorities that documents are genuine and can be accepted with confidence.

We manage the legalisation of our clients’ documents from start-to-finish and utlilise our authorised account with the FCDO to access express services. Find a legalisation service to suit your timescale.


Have your documents legalised and issued with an apostille within 20-25 days.


Have your documents legalised within 3-5 days, utilising our authorised account with the FCDO.


Documents can be legalised the same day when dropped-off at our London office before 11am.

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Sworn translation

Sworn translators are qualified linguists, appointed by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the translation of official and legal documents. Sworn translation is a requirement for any document submitted in support of an application that is not in Spanish.

Our translator, Dévora Díaz Rodríguez, is a certified sworn translator. Dévora is fully accredited by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs with more than 17 years’ experience. She is also registered with the Spanish Consulates in London, Manchester and Edinburgh.

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