Your guide to the Spanish Medical Certificate

The Spanish Medical Certificate is a useful document that is an important part of Spanish visa applications. Learn more about it in our guide.
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Anyone who plans on going to Spain for almost any purpose, from work to studying, will of course need to make a Spanish visa application. The only time this is not necessary is if you plan on visiting for 90 days or less. A crucial part of your application is the requirement that you have a Spanish Medical Certificate of Good Health. 

The Spanish Medical Certificate is a statement that proves to the Spanish authorities that you are healthy enough to apply for a Spanish visa. It shows that you do not suffer from a disease that could negatively impact the health of the Spanish public when you enter the country, under the International Health Regulations 2005. 

Read on to learn about what is included on the certificate, and how you can get one. 

How do I get a Spanish Medical Certificate?

To get a Spanish Medical Certificate, you can use online services such as those provided by our partners at ZoomDoc. They will assist you in creating a certificate once you have provided them with the relevant documents from your doctor.

As part of the process, you will need to provide them with access to Summary Care Records and personal information. They will handle your information with care, and they will only use it for the express purpose of getting you a Spanish Medical Certificate. 

Here at Spanish Visa Specialists, we will not have any access to your medical history or your data, only ZoomDoc will have access to your information so as to successfully provide you with a certificate for your Spanish visa application. 

Also, as ZoomDoc is an affiliate of ours and not part of the same company, you will be bound by their terms and conditions, not ours. 

The information you will have to provide ZoomDoc includes:

  • Photo identification such as your passport or drivers licence
  • A completed medical form 
  • Your Summary Care Record from the NHS
  • Details of the NHS GP you are registered to (if you have one)
  • A 30 second video so as to confirm your identity, and that you have no infectious diseases 

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What is included on the Spanish Medical Certificate?

Once you have received your certificate, it should include various details that will show the Spanish authorities that you will not pose a risk to the health of the Spanish public. 

The details your certificate will include are:

  • Your name
  • Your date of birth
  • A statement that you do not suffer from a disease that could have serious repercussions for the public health
  • The signature of a doctor registered with both the General Medical Council and the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office
  • ZoomDoc’s contact details through a scannable QR code

How we can help

Our expert Spanish visa team can assist you with all other aspects of your Spanish visa application, whilst our partners at ZoomDoc can help you with your Spanish Medical Certificate. 

We are registered with the Solicitors Regulation Authority, so you can be sure that any advice we provide is accurate and trustworthy. 

You can book a free 10-minute consultation with a member of our team to see how we can help you with your Spanish visa application. After this, we can offer you a longer consultation where we provide you with advice. If you need our advice and assistance in applying for a Spanish visa, then get in touch with us today.

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