Internship Visa

The Internship Visa allows students or recent graduates to live and work in Spain with the aim of improving their academic skills and knowledge.

What is a Spanish Internship Visa?

The Spanish Internship Visa allows students or recent graduates to live and work in Spain with the aim to improve their academic skills and knowledge.

It is for individuals who are enrolled on a degree course or who have graduated in the past two years.

If you are looking for a different type of work in Spain, a Study Visa might suit your needs better.

What are the benefits of an Internship Visa?

An Internship Visa comes with a range of benefits. These include:

  • You get to live and work in Spain
  • You do not need a certain amount of reserve funds
  • It helps your studies and can contribute directly to your degree
  • Working hours are set and agreed upon by the company and university, there are no visa restrictions on working hours

What will I need to provide when applying for a Spanish Internship Visa?

The list of documents you require for this visa will differ with personal circumstances. To find out what documents you need please contact us.

What are the financial requirements to be eligible for a Spanish Internship Visa?

You need to meet the the following requirements to apply for the visa:

  • You do not need any money in reserve if you are undertaking paid work.
  • Your contract must prove you are earning at least €600 per month or €7,200 per year.

Does the Spanish Internship Visa allow dependants?

You can only take dependants who have already been relying on you throughout your studies.

It may be necessary to provide documentary evidence of kinship between main applicants and dependants. Examples of evidence include Marriage Certificates and Birth Certificates.

Translation requirements

Core documents such as birth, marriage, ACRO and medical certificates must be translated.

We have an in-house, authorised and approved translation service available for you.

The translation is included in our visa application package.

Legalisation requirements

In order to legalise your documents, the signatories of the certificates must be authenticated. We can provide the legalisation services you need.