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5 fantastic festivals in Spain that you can not miss

There are many cultural events to experience if you visit or move to Spain. We shall take you through various different festivals that you can go to to experience Spanish culture.


Art in Spain

6 beautiful pieces of art in Spain that you should see

Anyone visiting Spain should make sure that they take in as many cultural sights as possible. We shall take you through some of the best art in Spain that you should see.


Best ways to learn Spanish.

6 of the best ways to learn Spanish

One of the main challenges of going to Spain on a visa is understanding and communicating in Spanish. We have made a list of useful tools that can help you.


Spanish Power of Attorney

The Spanish Power of Attorney: what you should know

You may need a Spanish Power of Attorney if you plan on dealing with matters in Spain, such as selling property. Learn more here.


Spanish visa adviser vs UK visa adviser.

Pros and cons of going to Spain using a UK visa adviser vs a Spanish visa adviser

Learn about the differences between using a British visa adviser versus a Spanish visa adviser to get your Spanish visa, and see what suits you the best.


Happy couple in Barcelona after getting a Spanish Medical Certificate

Your guide to the Spanish Medical Certificate

The Spanish Medical Certificate is a useful document that is an important part of Spanish visa applications. Learn more about it in our guide.


A photo of Marbella on a sunny day to represent going to Spain after getting a Letter of Intent.

Our useful 2024 Letter of Intent Template for Spanish Visas

The letter of intent is a crucial part of your visa application for the Spain Investor Visa (Formerly but more commonly known as The Golden visa).


Female visa adviser providing advice to a client.

How to check a Spanish visa adviser is legitimate

Finding a legitimate visa adviser is crucial to making sure you are successful in obtaining a Spanish visa and do not get scammed. Find out more in our blog.


Move to Spain

6 reasons you should move to Spain

If you are looking to move abroad, then find out why Spain could be the right fit for you.