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Move to Spain

6 reasons you should move to Spain

If you are looking to move abroad, then find out why Spain could be the right fit for you.


Work in Spain blog

Five best places to work in Spain

Here is our list of the most popular places for British citizens to work in Spain.


ACRO Spanish Visas Image

Getting an ACRO for a successful Spanish visa application

If you plan on moving to Spain for work or study, you will need to do an ACRO criminal background check as part of your visa application. Find out what you need to know about ACRO.


Man in his 60s wearing a red shirt and holding a TIE card (Spanish Foreigner Identity Card)

Applying for your Spanish TIE card (Foreigner Identity Card)

If you’re moving to Spain on a visa and will be living there for 6 months or more, you need to apply for a TIE (Tarjeta de identidad de extranjero) - your Spain Foreigner Identity Card.


Visiting Spain as a non-British Citizen

UK residents who do not have a British passport may need a visa to travel into Spain.


Man holding his luggage and passport in an airport, as he is using an ETIAS to go to Spain

The ETIAS: what you need to know

UK citizens travelling to the EU will need to digitally register before they arrive in their destination country from November 2023.


Have the right health insurance abroad

Having your health documents in order is important before you travel to Spain.


Applying for a visa? It is important to be honest about your criminal history

Many countries request a criminal background check for visa applicants. It is important to be aware of how this affects your chance of success.