5 beautiful spots in Spain that you will not believe

On your travels to Spain, you will likely be visiting popular tourist destinations in urban areas. Make sure that you also take some time to see some of the most beautiful nature spots that you will not believe until you see them with your own eyes.
The Blue Lagoon, one of the most beautiful spots in Spain

All over the world, there are beautiful, untouched natural beauty spots that show just how amazing and breathtaking the world can be. Many are well known, whilst many are not. Spain is no exception.

If you are an outdoors enthusiast, or are looking to make your time in Spain even more interesting and mix up the usual sights of urban landscapes, then we recommend taking some time out in nature. It can be a good way to clear your mind, and you can even do some photography to share what you have seen with your family and friends.

We shall take you through some of the most beautiful spots in Spain that you simply will not believe until you see them with your own eyes. Then, if any of these spots inspire you to go to Spain, we can help you get there with our Spanish visa services.

1. Lakes of Covadonga

Nestled within a mountain range lie the Lakes of Covadonga, our first of the most beautiful spots in Spain. It is located in the Picos de Europa National Park, so on your way to the lakes, you will be able to take in many more wonderful sights.

There are several glacial lakes here, but the two biggest are Enol and Ercina. They are over 1000 metres above sea level, and can be easily accessed by road, and then by foot. They are surrounded by both green meadows and mountains.

To take in the sights, you can walk along the trail which will lead you to a visitor centre where you can learn more before you go on to see what else the area has to offer. You will see the remnants of old mines, free wandering cows, ancient glacial lakes, and you will be able to see far and wide from the summit of the mountain range. 

Aside from the natural beauty spots, there are also some sights of historical significance nearby. One example is the Covadonga Sanctuary, which is where the first battle of the Reconquista took place, and also the burial place of King Pelayo, the first king of Asturias, who began the Reconquista that would last another 700 years. 

There is something for everyone when you visit the Lakes of Covadonga.

2. Cabrera Archipelago Blue Lagoon

Away from the mountains of north Spain and into the Mediterranean off the coast east Spain lie the Balearic Islands. The largest island is Mallorca, with Ibiza also being one of the islands. Both are popular tourist destinations for their beaches and nightlife, which attract people from all over, including the UK. 

However, away from these popular tourist hubs lies the Cabrera Archipelago, which is a one hour boat ride south of Mallorca.

In this archipelago, there are 19 islands and islets. The Cabrera National Park covers the entire archipelago, and it is where you will find the pristine Blue Lagoon unspoilt by human exploitation. On the islands themselves, and on the coast around the lagoon, you will see almost completely untouched shrublands and beaches which are home to various types of wildlife. 

There is one port to which you will be transported to. From here, you can explore the island. In addition to the wilderness, there is the 16th century Cabrera Castle. It stands atop a hill, and is one of the few buildings you will see on the island. If you go to the castle, you will see some fantastic views of the archipelago’s natural beauty.

3. The Bardenas Reales

Our next in the list of the most beautiful spots in Spain is away from the beautiful blue water amongst mountains or along the coast, we now move inland to a dry and arid area in the south east of Navarre that has been declared a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

The Bardenas Reales is a rarity. Whilst there are some similar types of areas in the world, none are quite like this one. It is located near some of the greenest areas in Spain, and is only around 43 miles from the snowy peaks of the Pyrenees mountain range. 

Rocky cliffs, deep canyons, and the moon-like terrain provide a stark contrast to the surrounding areas.

However, whilst it may sound dry and desolate, it is home to plenty of wildlife and varied terrain. You will see salt marshes, some grassy areas and shrublands; reptiles, amphibians and wildcats also call it home. 

You will feel like you have stepped into another country, or perhaps another world. When you visit, take in the wide plateaus and steep cliffs. They will stay with you forever.

4. Montserrat Natural Park

Not to be confused with the British Overseas Territory in the Caribbean, though they share the same Catalan name that means ‘serrated mountain’, Montserrat Natural Park is a mountainous area in Catalonia. It is not far from the coast either, and is one of the most beautiful spots in Spain.

Its tallest peak is called St. Jerome, with it being 1236 metres above sea level. You can imagine the type of sweeping views you would get from this summit.

The climate of the mountains is Mediterranean, as you would expect. However, you can get plants that prefer dry environments growing alongside those that prefer damper environments. Also, the natural park boasts one of the largest and most impressive oak forests in Catalonia, growing along the mountainsides.

Nestled in the breathtaking mountains is the Montserrat Monastery if you want something extra alongside your natural beauty spot viewing. It was originally established in 1025, though the current building is more recent from the 19th to 20th centuries. It has a museum, and a wooden carving of the Virgin Mary that is popular with visitors.

5. Garajonay National Park

Now for the last of the most beautiful spots in Spain, we are going off to the Canary Islands for our next natural beauty spot in Spain, far from the mainland. Here lies an ancient forest that looks magical, and almost seems as if it is from a fantasy world. 

This grand, expansive laurel forest makes up 70% of Garajonay National Park on the small island of La Gomera. The other areas of this island are made up of volcanic mountain mountains with plenty of hiking trails, which offer a contrast to the thick, humid forests. From the highest peak of Alto de Garajonay, you can get a fantastic view of the mystical forest. 

The forest itself is home to various plants, and is also home to some unique creatures that are found nowhere else in the world. Over 1,000 species are found only on La Gomera in the Garajonay National Park. If you love nature and wildlife, then there is plenty to experience here.

There are plenty of roads and walking routes that lead to the national park, so you will not find it difficult to get to, and you will see some beautiful sights on your way.

However, to first reach La Gomera, you will need to fly to Tenerife, and then get a ferry, which means that it will not be a fast trip. This does mean that you will get to enjoy different areas of Spain though, so you can make all of the areas you visit part of your adventure through Spain.

For those with an interest in linguistics and history as well, there is the bonus of hearing the only completely whistled language in the world: the Silbo Gomero. It was historically used for the locals of the island to more easily communicate with each other through the deep valleys and forests of the island, and 22,000 people still whistle it today. The unique natural beauty of the island even influenced the development of a local language.

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