Pros and cons of going to Spain using a UK visa adviser vs a Spanish visa adviser

Learn about the differences between using a British visa adviser versus a Spanish visa adviser to get your Spanish visa, and see what suits you the best.
Spanish visa adviser vs UK visa adviser.

Finding the right visa adviser to help you apply for a Spanish visa is very important. It can influence your chances of a successful application, as well as impact your understanding and experience of the process. For example, using a UK visa adviser will feel more familiar and comfortable due to a shared language.

There are different benefits to using an adviser based in Spain, or one based in the UK. Therefore, you need to find an adviser who suits you. 

Read on to learn about the pros and cons of using a UK visa adviser versus one based in Spain

The pros and cons of applying for a Spanish visa with an adviser based in Spain


If you are considering using an adviser based in Spain to help you apply for a visa, then there are a few benefits to this.

For one, prices in Spain are generally lower than prices in the UK. This means that you will likely pay less for a consultation and any other services. 

Additionally, prices are lower as you will not need to pay for an apostille for your documents to be legalised, nor will you need to pay for a translation. All documents will be ready to be used in Spain. 

It will also be easier to get an appointment with a Spanish visa adviser over an adviser based in the UK. Some UK-based ones may be busy with other services, so they might be unable to give you a conveniently timed appointment. This is an issue that will depend on the individual UK adviser. Ones dedicated to Spanish visas, such as us, do not have this issue. 

Meanwhile, a Spanish visa adviser who caters to English speaking clients may have more slots available due to the somewhat specific job role that they have. 


Applications made from within Spain can take much longer than applications from within the UK. If you have physically gone to Spain to apply in person, then the waiting time could lead to you overstaying on your visit visa or permit, and mean you will not be able to get a visa for Spain in the future. 

It may also be harder to avoid scams, as you will not necessarily know what to look for or know the regulatory information of Spain for matters related to immigration and law firms. The language barrier may also make it more difficult to know what to avoid. 

Also, there are times where instead of qualified and regulated Spanish lawyers or immigration experts, you will instead get someone with no expertise regarding Spanish visa applications. 

The pros and cons of applying for a Spanish visa from Britain


There are several benefits to using a UK visa adviser over a Spanish one that you should consider.

To begin, the biggest and clearest benefit is the lack of a language barrier. You will be able to talk to someone who speaks English, so nothing will get misunderstood or lost in translation. 

Not only will there be no language barrier, but you will also get a face to face appointment. This adds a personal touch to the services you receive, unlike if you applied for a Spanish visa through someone based in Spain. It is unlikely that you will ever see your visa adviser in the flesh, unless they are based in the UK.

The previously mentioned pros combine into another pro, which is an extra sense of comfort. A British-based adviser will be able to understand your individual needs more due to a shared llanguage and culture.  

Additionally, processing times in Britain are usually shorter than in Spain, so it is quicker to get a decision. This is because a visa adviser can more easily carry out the process if they are based in the same country as you.

Also, as part of our services, we incorporate a bespoke, personalised approach. This means that our services are always tailored to our individual clients, with a high standard of service that is as fast as possible, but still has plenty of attention to detail. We offer a premium standard of service for every matter we deal with. 


The cons of applying using a British adviser are generally related to the pros of using a Spanish adviser. For example, the higher costs and possible ease in getting an appointment. 

Otherwise, there are not many cons related to using a British visa adviser. 

Do I need a visa for a holiday to Spain?

British citizens going to Spain for a holiday, to visit family and friends, attend an event, a business meeting, or for any short-term training or studying, will not need a Tourist Visa if they plan on staying in Spain for up to 90 days in any 180-day period. This applies to any country in the Schengen area. 

However, you will need a visa to visit Spain for any other purpose for a longer period of time. For example, to work, you will need an Employee Visa.

We can help you in applying for all other types of visas. 

How our UK visa adviser can help

As a UK-based visa adviser, we can provide a friendly face and excellent communication skills to anyone who wants to apply for a Spanish visa. 

Our expert visa specialist will help you with every step of the application process, and answer any questions that you may have. 

You can arrange a free 10-minute consultation to see how we can help you. After this, you can book a longer, paid consultation that lasts between 45 minutes and an hour. 

To apply for a Spanish visa, you will need to use BLS. During the application process, our specialist will be there to guide you.

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