Self-employed Work Visa

The Spanish Self-employed Work Visa is available to non-Spanish citizens who wish to work for themselves while living in Spain.

Find out all you need to know about the Spanish Self-Employed Visa

The Self-Employed Visa is very similar to the Entrepreneur Visa, but much less specific. 

This visa is designed for individuals who wish to work as self-employed.  It is also a little different from the others, as it has a two-step process. 

You must first hold a residence permit, once you have moved to Spain you then have to apply for a self-employment work permit.

What are the benefits of a Self-Employed Visa?

Here are some of the perks of obtaining a Self-Employed Visa:

  • Available for those over 16, instead of over 18s like other visas
  • Much less strict and specific than the Entrepreneurial Visa
  • When your business pays social security contributions, you are entitled to some healthcare and pension benefits
  • It lasts for one year and can be reapplied for up to 5 years

Documents you need to apply for the Self-employed Work Visa

The list of documents you require for this visa will differ with personal circumstances. To find out what documents you need please contact us.

Does the Self-Employed Visa allow dependants?

Yes, you are able to take your spouse and children to Spain on this visa.

It may be necessary to provide documentary evidence of kinship between main applicants and dependants. Examples of evidence include Marriage Certificates and Birth Certificates.

Translation requirements

Core documents such as birth, marriage, ACRO and medical certificates must be translated.

We have an in-house, authorised and approved translation service available for you.

The translation is included in our visa application package.

Legalisation requirements

In order to legalise documents, the signatories of the certificates must be authenticated. We can provide the legalisation services you need.