Golden / Investor Visa

Golden Visas allow individuals to obtain full residency in Spain through financial investment in the country.

Find out all you need to know about the Golden/Investor Visa

The Spanish Golden Visa, also known as the Investor Visa, allows individuals from outside of the European Union/European Economic Area to obtain Spanish residency, which is done through investment into the Spanish economy. This means they are able to live, work or study in Spain with their dependants.

This visa is only valid for one year. During the first year of living in Spain, you must apply for a two-year residence permit.

What are the benefits of a Spanish Golden Visa?

Here are some of the perks of obtaining a Golden/ Investor Visa:

  • After the first year, holders have the same basic rights as Spanish citizens, including access to healthcare
  • After 5 years of living in Spain, it can result in permanent residency or citizenship
  • You are allowed to work
  • You can bring along immediate dependants (spouse and children under 18)

What are the financial requirements to be eligible for a Spanish Golden Visa?

An Investor Visa requires an investment.

This could be:

  • €500,000 purchase of Spanish property
  • €1 million deposited in a Spanish bank
  • €1 million invested into a Spanish business
  • €2 million invested in public debt securities

What will I need to provide when applying for a Spanish Golden Visa?

The list of documents you require for this visa will differ with personal circumstances. To find out what documents you need please contact us.

Does the Spanish Golden Visa allow dependants?

Yes, your spouse and children under 18 are able to come with you. However, you must prove you have the financial means to support them during the visa process.

It may be necessary to provide documentary evidence of kinship between main applicants and dependants. Examples of evidence include Marriage Certificates and Birth Certificates.

As of June 2023, an extra €7,200.00 is required per dependant.

Translation requirements

Core documents such as birth, marriage, ACRO and medical certificates must be translated.

We have an in-house, authorised and approved translation service available for you. The translation is included in our visa application package.

Legalisation requirements

In order to legalise documents, the signatories of the certificates must be authenticated. We can provide the legalisation services you need.

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