It is easier for British students to work in Spain after studying

Spain is easing their Employee Visa accessibility to UK students. If you studied or worked in Spain during your university studies, you can return to Spain after your course is complete.
Work in Spain with the Employee Visa or Self-employed Visa

To work as an employee or self-employed person in Spain currently, you need to supply the correct documentation to prove you are qualified. You also need to have the appropriate job contract or permits and licences. 

Spain is aiming to make this process simpler for people who studied or worked in Spain as part of their higher education course.

The process of changing your Study Visa into a work permit is called Student Visa Modifications. 

You used to have to wait for 3 years to do this. This is now no longer the case. You will now be able to obtain your Employee Visa or Self-employed Visa as soon as you finish studying. 

Similarly, you do not need to consider the Shortage Occupation List (read below), you can apply for any job in any sector. 

To receive your work permit you only need a job offer. 

You can renew once every 4 years and the renewal process is now a lot simpler.

Shortage Occupation List to help find work in Spain

The Shortage Occupation List is a list of jobs submitted every three months outlining jobs that are difficult to hire for. 

If you are applying for the Employee Visa via the normal route, your employer would have to argue why a Spanish citizen could not do the job they are hiring for. They would also have to interview Spanish applicants and then explain why a non-Spanish person has been offered the job.

When applying for an Employee Visa via Student Visa Modification, this step is skipped entirely. 

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