New UK and Spanish Education Agreement

A new agreement of education cooperation between the UK and Spain has been signed to help young people study in Spain.

Since leaving the EU, the UK has had to rebuild trust and relations with EU member states. The UK and Spain have many ties as it is a popular destination for tourism, retirement and study. 

The new educational agreement only aims to strengthen this relationship as it focuses on helping young people to enter Spain and study there. 

From 2 August 2023, UK students entering Spain will NOT have to complete the Spanish general university entrance exam. This means that students who hold British educational qualifications (such as BTECs and A-Levels) will now have fewer barriers when applying to study at a Spanish university. The new cooperation agreement is important to help create equal opportunities between UK and EU students moving to Spain.

Please note – some highly competitive courses may still require some extra information but all of these changes mean requirements have now reverted back to how they were pre-Brexit. 

These changes will come into effect from 2 August 2023.

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