Our useful 2024 Letter of Intent Template for Spanish Visas

The letter of intent is a crucial part of your visa application for the Spain Investor Visa (Formerly but more commonly known as The Golden visa).
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If you are applying for the Spain Golden Visa (Investor Visa), you will need to submit a letter of intent as part of your application. 

The purpose of this is to outline all of the reasons you wish to move to Spain and why your visa should be approved. 

Your letter of intent should include information such as details regarding your personal and financial situation. If the letter is well done, and successfully and accurately portrays you, it will contribute very positively to your visa application. 

If the letter of intent is missing any key information or has incorrect information regarding personal or financial circumstances, your visa may be refused. 

What should be included in the Letter of Intent?

The letter should only include information that is correct. It should contain positive information about yourself, think of it like a cover letter for a job. 

What you should include in your letter of intent:

  • The reasons why you want to move to Spain
  • Your financial situation and how you intend to support yourself
  • Information about your dependants and personal situation (if applicable)

Your letter will also need to be notarised, legalised and translated into Spanish by a sworn translator. 

What should NOT be included in the letter?

There are some things that should not be included in the letter as it may damage your chance of visa approval. 

Some of these things include:

  • Your plans to leave Spain often and travel a lot, or your plans to move countries again in the future.
  • Implying you have no plans to contribute to Spain, or worse, implying you may become reliant on the Spanish social system and economy.

The Spanish government needs to ensure that you will be contributing to the Spanish economy positively. Any implication that your intention is not genuine will be noticed and could lead to visa refusal. 

How can we help?

We can help in three ways:

Full package – (Everything you need to move to Spain – Our best value offer)

This includes an initial 10-minute consultation, plus help and support throughout the journey with our in-house expert Abi. 

We offer a full comprehensive Spanish Visa package. 

  • Visa application preparation
  • Letter of intent
  • Criminal record check
  • Insurance
  • Notarisation of documents
  • Legalisation of documents
  • Translation of all documents

We also partner with a number of companies who can assist with the following:

  • Private medical insurance
  • Currency Transfers
  • Estate agents
  • Transport moving services

Drafting and translation services 

We can draft your letter for you, and translate it into Spanish. All you have to do is provide your information and we will write the perfect personalised letter of intent. 


  1. We will send you a list of all the information we need for the letter
  2. Once we have received this we draft the letter for you
  3. We send it back to you to check before we get it translated
  4. We ask our translator to translate it to Spanish once you are happy with it
  5. We submit the letter alongside your visa application 

Translation services only

If you have already written your own letter, or you feel comfortable writing your own that’s great! But as mentioned above, you will need it to be translated into Spanish. Our sworn translator can do this for you. 


  1. You send us your letter of intent
  2. We ask our translator to translate it into Spanish
  3. We submit the letter alongside your visa application 

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