Have the right health insurance abroad

Having your health documents in order is important before you travel to Spain.

If you’re travelling to Spain for leisure 

If you’re travelling abroad, it is important to make sure you have the right medical insurance in place. 

Previously the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), which guaranteed free or discounted medical care in Europe, was available to UK citizens. Since Brexit, however, the EHIC is being phased out. 

If you have an EHIC you can still use it until it expires, but if not, you’ll need to apply for its replacement, the Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC). 

The GHIC does the same job for UK nationals as the EHIC does for European nationals; 

They allow you access to the same medical treatment as a local citizen at the state-run hospitals.

A GHIC or EHIC doesn’t cover you if you’re going abroad specifically to get treatment. More information about this can be found on the NHS website.

It’s recommended that you don’t just rely on your EHIC or GHIC to cover you when you travel. You should also get your own individual travel insurance to make sure that any costs incurred that are not covered by your card are covered by your insurance.

If you are emigrating to Spain

People who emigrate to Spain must have more than just a EHIC or GHIC to insure their health. 

An EHIC or GHIC can only be used for the basics of health care, and doesn’t guarantee free services. Private medical insurance covers you for more significant care for a longer period.

For some visa routes, particularly those that do not allow access to Spanish healthcare, you may be required to provide proof of private medical insurance.

As part of our commitment to ensuring a smooth visa application, we have partnered with medical insurance providers that specialise in cover for foreign visa applications in Spain.

It’s worth noting that, should you fail to secure the correct form of medical insurance, your visa application could be turned down. Applying through us is a sure way of having the best chance of success with your visa application. 

Most visa routes also come with the requirement for a medical certificate of good health, which provides assurances to Spanish authorities that you are of ‘good health’. This is also an essential part of your application.

Our partners in Spain

We have partnered with a leading health insurance firm in Spain to give our clients a head start ahead of their move. 

ASSSA has been operating since 1935 and offers a service specifically tailored for expats moving to Spain. They offer agile access to medical services in a simple way. In addition, their policies don’t include any premium increase due to age, and you are able to join up to the age of 79. 

Some of the services covered by their insurance policies are listed below:  

  • Access to a private GP
  • Access to a private hospital room
  • 24-hour emergency assistance
  • Surgical operations
  • Medical assistance at home
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