6 reasons you should move to Spain

If you are looking to move abroad, then find out why Spain could be the right fit for you.
Move to Spain

Spain is a popular destination for people from many countries to move to, including British citizens. 

There are a range of reasons that attract these people, and so lead them to starting a new life in Spain.

If you are unsure whether you want to move to Spain and join them, then we shall help you decide by telling you some of the biggest reasons you should move.

1. Warmer climate

Many people move to Spain to escape the grey skies and rainy days that are so common in the UK. The winters in particular can be much harsher in the UK with how cold it is, and many people start to feel down. 

However, in Spain, the winters are mild. The summers, of course, are much sunnier and warmer than the summers in the UK as well. 

Spain also has a range of climates to suit a variety of tastes. If you want a warmer climate, but do not want something too hot, then areas across the north of Spain may be preferential.

For those that love the sunny weather beating down on them, then somewhere in the south may suit them more.

Lovers of both warm and much hotter climates will have plenty of beaches to choose from if they want a life close to the seaside.

For those who like the snow, they can visit the Pyrenees mountains and take in some spectacular views.

2. Quality of life

Spain is ranked highly by the OECD in many regards. Overall, it is ranked slightly lower than the UK.

However, in areas such as work-life balance, Spain is ranked higher. This is in part a result of siestas, where from around 2pm to 4pm, businesses shut down and employees get to have a long break.If you value a healthy work-life balance and having the free time to do your hobbies and enjoy what Spain has to offer, then moving there could be perfect for you.

Spain is also a very safe country, so you will feel comfortable and at home there. 

3. High quality healthcare

Spain’s OECD ranking for healthcare is also slightly higher than the UK’s. Not only can you enjoy a life in the sunshine, you can also guarantee that you will always have access to quality healthcare. 

In fact, the life expectancy in Spain from birth is an average of 84 years. This is higher than both the OECD average, and the UK average of 81 years.

If you have any existing health issues, or would just like to ensure you have access to good healthcare services in case anything happens, then Spain is perfect for you. 

4. Existing British communities

There are several British communities in various parts of Spain. Anyone who feels like they will get homesick may benefit from living amongst one of these communities, so you feel like you never really left, aside from the warmer weather.

Some communities of expats have opened pubs, fish and chip shops, and other typical establishments you would expect to find in Britain. Some are more open to Spanish culture, so those who want a taste of both their familiar British culture, and a bit of Spanish culture, can find one of these communities.

Significant British communities exist in Benidorm, Malaga, Madrid, and several other places.

5. Vibrant culture

All across Spain, there are many unique sights to see and many local cultures to experience. Some of these local cultures are unlike any others in Spain, such as the Basque culture with its own unique rich language and history. The Galicians in the north-west of Spain have historical links to Celtic peoples, with there being Celtic festivals and traditions you can observe. There is a lot to see in Spain.

There are extravagant buildings like the La Sagrada Familia, which is a complex Catholic church in Barcelona that was designed by Antonio  Gaudí. It has been under construction since 1882, and it is unlikely it will be completed until at least 2026. Seeing such an old building with beautiful Gothic architecture still under construction is a unique experience; it shows the dedication Spain has in its history of producing great art.

Spain also boasts lively nightlife, with something for a range of age groups. For those on the younger side, Ibiza is famous for its parties, with it being a popular holiday destination for young British people. If they lived in Spain, they would be able to go as often as they wanted. Barcelona is also popular for festivals. 

Madrid has plenty of places for people to dine, which should appeal to anyone who wants a calmer night and a tasty meal.

There is something for everyone to enjoy in Spain.

6. Various visa options to move to Spain

Depending on the reason why you want to move to Spain, there are a few different visas you can choose from. 

Student Visas

If you are wanting to study in Spain, then there are the Spanish Study Visa and the Spanish Internship Visa. The Study Visa allows people to study at a school, do a doctorate, train, work, amongst other things. The Internship Visa is for those who are either studying for a degree, or who are recent graduates. People on this visa can live and work in Spain.

Work Visas

For those who plan on working in Spain, there is the Employee Visa, also known as the Spanish Work Visa; this is perfect if you have been offered a job in Spain. There is also the Spanish Entrepreneur Visa if you plan on running your own business, and the similar Self-Employed Visa for those who want to work for themselves. Finally, there is the Digital Nomad Visa. This is a unique visa that allows you to work remotely for your UK-based job, but in Spain. Read our blog on the five best places to work in Spain to discover your new home.

Retirement / Non-working visas

People who have spent their life working and are now looking to retire to sunny Spain, can apply for a Spanish Non-working Residence Visa. As long as you do not plan on working, this visa will be perfect for you.

Spanish Golden Visa/ Investor Visa

The Spanish Golden Visa is a unique visa that allows you to become a resident of Spain by investing money into the Spanish economy. With this visa, you can study, work, and live in Spain. However, you will need a lot of money to apply for this visa. For example, one potential way you can invest into the Spanish economy to apply is by making a €1 million investment into a Spanish business. 

If you need help figuring out the best visa for you, then we can help you.

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